Sandra and Paul

Violin and Guitarist 

In the last ten years Sandra & Paul, with the violin and a guitar, have made over a hundred events memorable. What makes them stand out are their imaginative, tasteful arrangements and synergic, communicative playing. Their repertoire spans many genres and styles covering songs from every decade from the 1920s till today. 

Whether you are after an elegant and refined duo dressed to the nines at a reception, an upbeat and wild country folk barn-dance, a gypsy Bohemian chic or DJ freestyle violin impro, S&P are available for: 

- Private or corporate parties and functions: a specialized performance and song list to fit your every event: birthdays, holidays, corporate events, company celebration and anniversaries. 

- Weddings: Ceremony and romantic ambiance for drinks reception 

- Proposals: we will learn a song of your choice to make your proposal unique and memorable! 

With a repertoire of over 200+ songs, S&P covers classic and modern songs in various genres: Pop, Jazz standards, Country, Classical, Folk, 60s, 70s and more! 

Sandra Brus is also available as a solo violin player and to freestyle violin playing improvisation over Paul’s DJing. 

Sandra has the Conservatory violin degree with years of experience playing in classical orchestras, folk & pop bands and all in between. She is also a proficient and active music teacher. 

In his childhood Paolo had a seven years long classical violin and piano training and worked with many bands including producing, sound-engineering and recording in the studio. International tours: Australia East Coast including Tamworth Festival, Music festival Maui Hawaii US, Pullman City - Germany, Country Christmas - Italy, Ireland... 


S&P can play two 60’ or three 45’ sets of instrumental music. When required they team up with their singer, currently Ellie Manning, and can deliver three 45’ sets of mixed instrumental and sung classic pop, folk, country, jazz covers to suit the event requirement. 

They know how to disappear in the background and set a pleasant musical mood playing at speech level at an elegant reception but they can turn into a front stage entertaining act for a party, especially delivering the country folk pop covers. 

On some songs they use pre-recorded backing tracks at their home studio which typically would include drums and bass only. 

If required they can also provide commercial background music in between the live sets. 


S&P normally perform with their own Acoustic Amp – AER Compact Mobile 60W which can run also on batteries and is suitable for outdoor set-ups. 

If a PA is required they employ a second acoustic amp Marshall SD50D 50W. This combination proved to be more than sufficient for a very professional and adequate sound level in most small-to-medium venues for two acoustic instruments and vocals (stand, Sure SM57 Beta mic). Their stage set-up includes one portable stage light. The most complete set-up requires only 1 mains power socket. 

Sandra use a Yamaha 5 strings electric violin with effects pedalboard and the Line 6 Relay G75 wireless system so is free to roam around the venue. If required can use an acoustic classical violin. 

Paul use a Gibson J45 acoustic guitar with effect pedals, for more jazzy occasions can use a Gibson 335 / Fender Telecaster electric guitar with a Fender hand-wired Deluxe reverb ‘64 amp 20W. 

As an acoustic instrumental duo, Sandra & Paul (violin & guitar) can create the right atmosphere for any occasion. Their music can be elegant and refined at reception or upbeat and wild at a party. With a bohemian and colorful setlist, they're versatile with genres and can play any requested song. Sandra 's got a Conservat Together they played in a broad variety of bands. They toured Australia, played in the USA, Germany, Italy, Ireland, and many very large concerts and prestigious international festivals. They've recently being hosted by Global Radio London, London Live TV, The Shard, and in 2017 they had the honor to play at the Westminster House of Parliament with the singer Lucy Layton.


Westminster House of Parliament 

Tewin Bury Farm Hotel 

Global Radio London 

The Shard 


Sandra and Paul

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Full insurance and PAT testing .

Free travel for up to 20 miles in the Dorking , Surrey area .


Sandra & Paul came to play at our wedding held in the open space of a beautiful park. They were wonderful and they're acoustic and colourful music made the party very special. We will book them again for our anniversary party. Fernando T. 


Sandra & Paul came to play at our wedding held in the open space of a beautiful park. They created a wonderful atmosphere and their colourful acoustic music made the party very special. We will book them for our future celebrations! Rebecca T. 


Working with Sandra & Paul is great because of the sheer professionalism and highly skilled musicianship that they offer. I wouldn’t work with anyone else. 

Sandra and Paul are versatile with genres they can play and adapt to. A band leaders dream. Their style can lend itself to sets including either background or foreground music and just acoustic or with vocals. Lucy L. 


I had Sandra & Paul with Lucy Layton playing at my party at the Cherry Tree pub and liked what they did. They are friendly and professional, one can tell they played for a lifetime and seen the road. Sandra is a passional and creative violin player while Paul is a good picker on guitar. Together they can fill up a party with a lot of music. Steve H. 


I've been collecting material and working on my solo record for about two years collaborating and recording with Sandra & Paul. They are very creative musicians and working with them is a real pleasure. They have the ability of developing creative arrangements that enhance and complement the song writing. The record will be finished soon and I can't wait. Mark R. 


Sandra & Paul made my birthday party the most enjoyable in years!! Their happy and energetic music ignited the party and got people on their feet, dancing the night away. They are very versatile and have been able to satisfy my guests requests. I highly recommend them and will be booking them again! Damiana K. 


Syria Relief 


London Live TV 

The Swiss Embassy 

The Fiddler 


The Kensington Gardens 

Prince Alfred, Notting Hill 

The Three Crowns 

The Cherry Tree (Haddenham, Ely) 

Lucky Onion 

Cafe Rouge 

Southbank Centre 


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